APC PRIMARY ELECTION: Concerned Apc Youths Of Ibarapa East Collectively Rejects The Purported Imposition Of Hon Segun Kolawole As A Consensus Candidate For Apc House Of Assembly.

The concerned APC youths of Ibarapa East has frowned and shows their displeasure to rejects imposition of Hon Segun Kolawole as a consensus candidate under the platform of All progressive Congress (APC) for house of Assembly in Ibarapa east.

9JAFOCUS gathered according to the press release made available to Newsmen earlier today.

The press reads in parts; “By the virtue of past antecedents, Ibarapa East State Constituency is a major determinant tendency in any election at Oyo State since we returned back to civilian administration. Tracing down to the historical lane, the imposition of candidate in Ibarapa East Local Government in progressive fold has usually led to failure. 2018 bye election is a typical example, I997 Local Government election is another note and even 2019 general elections has proved our protest beyond reasonable doubt”.

“Therefore, we urge our party leaders to strictly tuned to the present political dynamism of this 21st century by giving us a well acceptable candidate which has the engima to unleash present occupier of the seat. From the sampling opinion we held across the ten wards, ANY OTHER aspirant apart from Hon Segun Kolawole will conveniently win the general election”.

“We implored our party leaders to further engage all the aspirants to peacefully decides among themselves and give us a vibrant candidate using consensus approach as it was shown in our party national convention”.

  • Within the limited time frame, if therefore all aspirants fails to produce a candidate among themselves, a level play direct primary should be the next option other than imposing a controversial candidate upon us. Popularity and acceptability of all aspirants have been tested and need to be re- tested and confirmed openly.

“There are speculations that the Engr. Remi Oseni position tends to favour Hon. Kolawole without proper investigation, and comprehensive political analysis which we believe may not and cannot be truth”.

  • We hold strongly that the purported consensus is a calculation to wittingly or unwittingly confer undue electoral strength on the APC by projecting unpopular candidates for House of Assembly contest from Ibarapa East. Our position is that, others have consulted widely and they are accepted by party members, executives and delegates of APC across the council. We assured all Eruwans, Lanlates and it’s environs and supporters of their preparedness to contest any direct or indirect primaries that will be conducted by the delegates.
  • Any planned to import hoodlums to the venue of the primary if planned consensus fails will definitely result to tense situation. We never pray to experience May 22, 2021 bloody scenario during Local Government election which led to lost of lives. Please kindly caution and call to order.

“Finally, we ONLY belief in a transparent and highly democratic system. We say NO TO IMPOSITION and believed we have learnt lessons from our previous mistake. Once again, attempt to imposed is another walkover and failure. May our party succeed amazingly in the forthcoming 2023 general election.”


Concerned APC youths of Ibarapa East.


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