Com. Gbadebo Taoreed Celebrates OOF Founder, Ibarapa Progressive Icon, Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon On His 36th Birthday

Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon story vividly illustrates the popular saying that the best reward for hard work is an opportunity to do more and better. It’s gratifying to note that all over the world, countries are known for greatness through efforts of their patriotic citizens who positively impacted their immediate environment and the world at Large; people whose efforts will be remembered by generations.

These great people at one time or the other were confronted with so many challenges in which, they have ability of sending those challenges off. One of such people is our own Engr. David Okanlawon Olusegun. (OOF), a name synonymous with uncompromising standard.

Our path crossed, when I was preparing to intervene in this forthcoming election in our region, just of recent.
Where his name has always become an household virtually in every home in ibarapa, even at the state level including the country at large.

I discovered that, Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon deserves all accolades in this world. Because he has proven to be a father, role model and a fortress in times of needs to so many people. He always appeared elegant, beautiful, meritorious and grateful.

As the founder of David Oluwasegun Okanlawon a foundation in ibarapa with a different, as one of the best leading foundation in ibarapa among it’s contemporaries, he was passionately committed to the welfare of his people, community and capacity development for many ibarapa youths, traditional leaders and Elders including the students, for it’s sustainable growth and development.
Apart from alms givings and regular payment of salaries for his staffs in his company.

Only God knows how many people both indigene and non-indigene of his State benefited from his yearly academic scholarship, women and men empowerment, widow and widowers empowerment, farmers and market sellers empowerment, privileged and less privileged people from different area across world. Not only that, he treated his people equally and always maintain a gender balance in all his deeds, exposing many of them to a meaningful world.

It has been always amazing how Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon always helps many of his staff at place of work to get up to speed. He Knows so many strategy to apply by gauging the mood of his people, family and friends staff and colleagues for an improved performance for a better life.

I am privileged to be part of the team that lead the struggle of incessant killing of our people in ibarapa to the Government Secretariat at agodi, ibadan which Engr Okanlawon Olusegun also featured so many productive and concern minds as well as young leaders of ibarapa.
I have the honor to tell you that many of our people learnt a lot from the Master’s feet in many ways. He knows every knowledge on how to handle any complex and sophisticated situation in an adroit manner without the fear of favor.

Is there any funny challenges that Engr. Olusegun Okanlawon cannot handle lightly? I begins to ask ? To some people around the globe, however, he has his misdeeds and foibles, there is no error-proof man in this life, Nobody is perfect. But I can tell you that before you can fault Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon in any way, you will have to do your finding justifiably because part of his idiosyncrasies to me, may not be probably intentional, he was so bless to be tolerant and Trust- worthy.

Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon felt the need to bring changes to his people in the community and the state in general in pressing home their favorite demand before his family without any recorded domestic violence.

Even when the going gets tough, he continues to have best attitude and plays his game lightly among his people.

He is exceptionally devoted to his family, friends and associate, and maintain perfect and excellent relations at all times.

A great Winston Churchill always said that “good and great are seldom in the same man”.
Engr. Okanlawon Olusegun is delightfully a rare exception. The man belongs to a pantheon of his own. The world are watching and believes that, he is accomplished in his own field. But beyond his greatness and fitness as an accomplished academician, Political enigma, seasonal Adminstaror, a rare mentor, human capacity builder, glory helper, extra-ordinary Patriot, extremely decent, an exceptionally good man, one millions husband materials, outstanding family and ever progressive minded.

Engr. Okanlawon is a strong pillar and significant reference point among the Engineers, scholars in his area of specialisation. To incessantly qoute him has been for them in some many years ago, a salutary demostration of intellect and erudition. In every way, Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon remain a great philosopher, seasonal Engineer and gifted psychologist.

Okanlawon is not selfish, Okanlawon is not an womanizer, Okanlawon is a Paragon of knowledge and civility, Okanlawon is a master strategist when he comes to Politics, Okanlawon has brought so many young politicians to the limelight with a real Progressive ideology, Okanlawon motivates and inspired others to be selfless and Dedicated.

Nobody taught him how to play a positive Politics, he was blessed by God and promise to be a leading and promising leader for the coming generations of youths across the globe.

Please note that, an avalanche of awards have been conferred on him meritoriously with a total dignity and respect, and he is a recipient of so many meritorious and outstanding awards

To be candid, Engr Okanlawon Olusegun can probably be seen as a phenomenon; a fortunate being and genius for the more he riddles himself into further unfathomablenes. His cerebral endowment startle everyone, as a young promising politician, outstanding orator, outspoken public speaker and God given intellect. Evidently, the polyvalence of his God given talents readily enables him to function effectively and brilliantly succeed in any capacity.

Unarguably, Engr Okanlawon Olusegun act very fast to revert positively any evil act that may stain the personality of his people in the community.

Interestingly, one of his admirable act of doing is the ability for swift networking and response as a matter of urgency strong to condemn any illegal act and other negative vices around him for an healthy living of the people.

Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon, in other words could be described as a custodian of Yoruba culture, creative cultivator of acquaintanceship and campanioship. His network of his frienship, associates, admirers, loyalist, followers cut across the strata of the his country.

He is a fearless lion, he freely shares his confidence and bored matters with his people and always keep his fright to himself without any negative melodrama.

Hardly you see him appeared and present himself haphazardly in any given occasion or society as a guest speaker, he do checks the books every moment, because he cherish reading, writing and touching of books, including the world book of records for great Achievers in life. At different occasions, you will see him replying and responding to so many people on phones providing a lasting solution to any difficulties before the twinkle of eyes.

Humbly, I have recorded so many report from his people, one thing you cannot take away from him, his mental alertness, ability to respond to your calls and messages at any moment, I can tell you , I have texted him a message in the midnight thinking that he has slept off, he replied the message a minute after, leaving you wondering if he ever sleeps at all.

For all the laudable and outstanding achievement in all field and every facet of life, service to God and humanity, ibarapa people are proud of you, Okanlawon Olusegun Movement are proud of you, OOF volunteers are proud of you, Yoruba Youth Assembly are proud of you, Nigeria Youth Advocacy for Good Governance are proud of you, Federation of Oyo state Students Union are proud of you, All islamic Organization both home and abroad are proud of you. The celestial church Christ both home and dispora are proud of you. Ibarapa North and Central Defendants Youth forum are proud of you, All the Nigeria Polytechnics Student are proud of you, Ibarapa Traditional Rulers are proud of you, Ladokites are proud of you, Adegoke international nursery and primary school old Students Association are proud of you, Lagos progressive youth are proud of you. FOSSU UNILORIN CHAPTER are proud of you, All the conference of ibarapa Students Union are proud of you, conference off all secondary schools Principal in ibarapa are proud of you, the youth in the world at large are proud of you.

Above all, Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon is a prayer warrior, spiritually tactful and mentally balance, just as he constantly admonishes and advise someone to go for prayer on any nagging issues.

As for me, a day is not enough to celebrate a progressive and intellect Power bank, versatile product of a prestigious Technological University in the pace-setter state whom ibarapa, Oyo State and Nigeria at Large are proud of. He often find it difficult to fulfill some of the promises he makes. Perhaps as a result of pressure. It could be possible be forgiven as Everyman has his limitations, beyond doubt Engr. David Olusegun Okanlawon is highly gregarious and awesome. He was loved by his mentees and devotees for his present exploits seen as a pride many others

Today I join millions of people you have influenced, tutored, mentored, trained, built,inspired, raised to wish you a prosperous birthday. We are greatful for transforming so many dreams into realities, making so many aspirations to be fruitful, touching so many soul to be yieldful.


Gbadebo Taoreed Adeniran
National Publicity Secretary APC Youth Organization
Sunday, 20 June, 2021.


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