Olusegun Okanlawon Sets To Donate 9 Motorized Boreholes, Repair Of 20 Abandoned Boreholes Across Ibarapa

Considering the water scarcity affecting the populace of Ibarapa area of Oyo state, the Federal House of Representative hopeful, for Ibarapa Central/North Federal Constituency, Engr. (Dr) David Olusegun Okanlawon, is ready to kick start a project of Nine(9) Motorized Boreholes and repair of about twenty (20) damaged/abandoned boreholes across Ibarapa.

This was disclosed to 9JAFOCUS NEWS according to a statement released by the founder and Chairman of Olusegun Okanlawon Foundation (OOF), Engr. (Dr) Olusegun Okanlawon on Friday.

The statement which reads in parts;

“Two years ago, while on a development evaluation/needs assessment tour of Ibarapa, my team and I visited Jagun/Abola farm settlement in Idere. We discussed with the settlement dwellers and listened to their concerns as regards development, easy lifestyle and smooth farming operations in the area. It was sad to see that water, a basic need of every living entity, was lacking in this settlement. The only available source of water was a flowing stream. The stream was obviously unhealthy: it was light green. What’s more? Both humans and their animals (e.g., dogs) drank from this stream.

“This exposed them to different water borne diseases. It was unacceptable to us that the people labouring to feed us do not have the minimum access to good water. We decided that the first and most important intervention here was to solve the water problem. We made urgent repairs of abandoned boreholes and promised to build a new and better system. Building on that foundation, and seeing the water hardship our people face during dry season, we proposed to do more. I am happy to announce our new Motorised Borehole Project. We are constructing Nine (9) new motorized boreholes and repair/rehabilitate at least 20 more across Ibarapa land.

“Three (3) of the Nine (9) new motorized boreholes would be situated at Idere: one (1) is dedicated to the farm dwellers of Abola/Jagun settlements; one(1) is dedicated to the beloved memory of my grandfather, Late Pa Emmanuel Ishola Okanlawon, the chairman of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) during the then Ifelodun local government, and would be situated in my (Okanlawon’s) family house. The last one(1) would be dedicated to households around Femadex Hotels, being the neighbourhood of My Country Home. It is well known that residents of these three areas find it so difficult to get good water, walking great distance before they can fetch water, especially in dry seasons. Four (4) abandoned/spoilt boreholes would be rehabilitated at other locations in Idere.

“While we will construct one new motorised borehole in each of Eruwa, Lanlate, Igboora, Ayete, Tapa and Igangan. We will repair and rehabilitate three (3) boreholes in each of these towns as well. We are working to identify the locations for each of these new and rehabilitated boreholes.

“We will work with the benefitting neighbourhoods to develop a maintenance/sustainability system that will ensure that these boreholes can serve the communities for long”, he added.


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