State Police Will Make Insecurity In Nigeria Deteriorate – Retired Inspector General Of Police

The Former Inspector-General of Police, Idris kpotun Ibrahim stated that: “creating a State Police was tantamount to creating another problem to tackle an existing one”.

Rather than creating state Police, the inadequacies of the existing Nigeria Police Force should be addressed and looked into, He said.

It was gathered that Idris Ibrahim stated this in an exclusive interview published by Daily Sun on Monday. When asked if the Nigeria Police Force is overstretched, The retired IGP replied that the force was not operating optimally, adding that the Nigeria Police Force is overstretched.

He also added that; As of when he retired from the force in 2019, the Police were operating at very low-level strength, compared to the increased population of Nigeria. “Within a period of time, if we can increase the strength of the Police to tackle the insecurity we have in the country, that will assist a lot,” he stated.

However, he noted that, “the situation we found ourselves now can not be solved but rather get worsen by creating state Police”.

He further stressed that; “When you say state Police, you are creating another problem to tackle an existing problem which will deteriorate the insecurity challenges we have in the country”.

“Let just try to address the issues of inadequacy of the Police and other security agencies in the country compared to the country’s population, And see if things won’t changed” the ex-IGP said in his statement.

Ibrahim Idris warned that; the increasing attacks on Policemen and some of their stations must be addressed so it does not continue to dampen the morale of the officers and men of Nigeria Police Force, and the government should tried as much as possible to motivate them and addressed their welfarism.


  1. Now that you are talking all this abnormalities you left them unresolve when you were in the office as uhe IGP. Whn are you deceiving.


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