[VIDEO]: Soldiers Escorts Three Suspected Ritualists To Have Bath On Ibadan Bridge

A viral video has shown the moment where three suspected ritualists were seen having their bath on Mokola bridge, Ibadan in broad daylight. In the video, the three men appeared in red wrappers which were tied round their waist as they scrubbed their body with local sponge and soap on Mokola bridge in Ibadan.

It was shown below the bridge, that a lot of people gathered to watch the shocking incident and also revealed that men of the Nigeria military (Soldiers) Escorts them to the scene and protected them from been attacked.

It was gathered that the incident happened on Monday afternoon and the man recording the scene is heard clarifying that the people came with ‘army’ as escorts.

People at the scene of the incident were wondering how bold the men must be to take such action in broad daylight whilst some others think it might just be a skit video.

Click here to watch the video


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